A Command Line Interface for interacting with a Wevr Virtual Studio.


This WVS command line interface provides commands for a number of varied tasks, including:

  • Performing regular repository operations
  • Adding and configuring flows
  • Performing passthrough git operations
  • Miscellaneous validating and admin tasks

The functionality provided by this CLI is grouped into a number of top level commands which can be viewed simply by entering the ‘wvs’ command with no paramaters. The list of subcommands available for each can be viewed by entering:

wvs --help


  -h, --help   help for wvs

See also

  • wvs authenticate - Enter required authentication information.
  • wvs branch - Shows help messages for all branch commands.
  • wvs changelist - Shows help messages for all changelist commands.
  • wvs completion - Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell.
  • wvs flow - Shows help messages for all flow commands.
  • wvs git - Passthrough command for invoking git commands.
  • wvs goto - Shows help messages for all goto commands.
  • wvs project - Shows help messages for all project commands.
  • wvs validate - Set of commands for validating and verifying projects.
  • wvs version - Display the version of this software.