Fork and clone the “Hello World” project

This Hello World tutorial shows you how to fork and clone a project in WVS using the “Hello World” project as an example. Forking a project means making your own copy of a project. Cloning a project means to download a project from the cloud to your local machine so that you can work on that project. The other “Hello World” tutorials all use the project that you fork in this tutorial as example.


You must complete the steps in Prepare to use WVS.

Fork the “Hello World” project

There are two versions of the “Hello World” project that you can fork. hello-world-unity is a Unity project and hello-world-ue5 is an Unreal Engine 5 project.

  1. Go to the Explore WVS page.

  2. In the search field, enter hello-world-ue5 and press Enter.
  3. In the search results, click the name of the hello-world-ue5 project to go to the project’s homepage.
  4. Click Fork and configure as follows:
    • Project name: hello-world-demo-fork
    • Project URL: select your name.
    • Visibility level: Private.
  5. Click Fork project.

Clone your forked project

  1. Open the WVS Desktop Client.
  2. Click Remote projects.
  3. Select hello-world-demo-fork and click Clone project.
  4. Select the directory to save the project to. For this tutorial, we save the project to C:\wvsProjects
  5. Click Clone project.

Next steps