Make and submit changes to your project

This Hello world tutorial shows you how to create and submit changelists to the hello-world-demo-fork. When you make changes to the cloned copy of your project, the files that you change are tracked in a changelist, where you can also lock or checkout the files that you’re working on. When you’re done making changes, you can commit the local changes to your project’s repository by submitting the changelist.

This tutorial uses the WVS Desktop Client to show you how to create and submit changelists. The WVS Desktop Client offers a simplified workflow for non-technical members of your team. You can also create and submit changelists by using the wvs CLI tool, WVS plugins for Unreal and Unity, and 3rd party Git clients.


You have completed the Fork and clone a project tutorial.

Create a changelist

  1. Open the WVS Desktop Client.
  2. Click My projects.
  3. Select the hello-world-demo-form project and click Switch project.
  4. Click New Changelist.
  5. In the New Changelist field, enter Update README as the changelist name.
  6. In the Files to be selected box, select to check it out.

    Note: When you check out a file, that file becomes locked and cannot be updated by others until you check it back in.

  7. Click Start changelist.

    The changelist is created and you are taken to the Current changelist page in the Desktop Client.

Make a change to

  1. In the WVS Desktop Client, click on the folder icon to open the local directory where your project is stored.
  2. Open the file with any text editor.
  3. Make a change to the file and save the changes.

Submit the changelist

  1. Open the WVS Desktop Client is listed under Files modified.

  2. Ensure that is selected so that it’s included in the changelist.
  3. Click Commit changelist.
  4. When prompted, click Push changelist. is checked back in once the changelist is submitted so that others can make changes to it.

Next steps