Add members to your project

This Hello World tutorial shows you how to add members to your project by using the hello-world-demo-fork project as an example.


  • You have completed the Fork and clone a project tutorial.
  • The member that you want to add must already have a WVS account.

Add a member to hello-world-demo-fork

  1. Go to your projects dashboard.

  2. Search for the hello-world-demo-fork project.
  3. Click on the project name.

    Search and select the project.

    The WVS Web Client for the project opens.

  4. In the navigation page, click Project members.

    Click project members.

  5. Click Invite members.

    Click invite members.

  6. In the popup window, configure as follows:
    • WVS member or Email address: Enter the team member’s name.
    • Select a role: Select Developer.

    Invite member.

  7. Click Invite.

    The team member is sent an invite email to join the project as a developer.

Next steps

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