Prepare to use WVS

This page shows you the tasks that you need to complete to start using WVS.

Register for a WVS account

Go to the WVS account registration page and register for a WVS account.

Install and initialize WVS tools

The WVS installer includes the WVS Desktop Client and the wvs command line interface (CLI) tool. The Desktop Client offers a simplified experience designed for non-technical members of your team, such as artists and designers.

If you are an engineer and would like to use your preferred Git client with WVS, see Use popular Git clients. However, we still recommend that you install the WVS installer because some features can only be used with the wvs CLI tool.

  1. Go to the download page and download the latest version of the installer.

  2. Run the installer to install the WVS Desktop Client and the wvs CLI tool.

  3. Initialize WVS tools. You can do this by using either the Desktop Client or the wvs CLI tool.

    To initialize WVS tools using the Desktop Client, open the Desktop Client and login using your WVS account credentials when prompted.

    To initialize WVS tools using the wvs CLI tool, run the following command:

    wvs authenticate

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