Introduction to WVS

Wevr Virtual Studio (WVS) is a cloud platform designed for teams that use game engines to create interactive content, such as video games, VR/AR applications, 3D animation, and more. WVS enables distributed teams comprising software engineers, artists, and designers to collaborate on complex projects.

Manage versions

WVS offers a Git-based version control system that allows teams to easily iterate on their project and keep track of changes to their digital assets and code over time. You can compare versions, revert to a previous version, and merge versions of code and assets.

Automate tasks

Flows in WVS allow you to automate workflows for your projects without needing engineering support. You can add flows from the flows repository or create your own flows to automate common tasks, such as building your project, deploying builds to various devices and distribution platforms, rendering media files, validating assets, and generating reports.

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Track issues

The issue tracker in WVS lets you track work, assign tasks, report bugs, update work status, set deadlines, and more.

Share ideas

Each WVS project has a built-in Wiki that lets team members share information, author internal documentation, and collaborate. Project Wikis are stored in a separate repository from project source code and support Markdown, RDoc, AsciiDoc, and Org.

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Manage distributed teams

You can restrict access to projects by assigning projects to groups or subgroups. To grant a team member access to a project, add them to the group or subgroup that owns the project. You can further restrict the actions that individual members can perform in the project by assigning them different roles.

Tools for artists and engineers

WVS features a Web Client, a GUI Desktop Client, command line interface (CLI), and plugins that simplify common workflow tasks for both technical and non-technical users.

Web Client

The Web Client is the central development, collaboration, management, and administration hub of WVS.

Create an account and login, or if you already have an account, sign-in and get started.

Desktop Client

The WVS Desktop Client provides a simplified workflow experience for artists, designers, producers, and other non-technical members of the team:

  • View projects.
  • Clone projects.
  • Lock or check out files to work on.
  • Create and submit changelists.

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WVS command line interface (CLI)

The wvs CLI lets you perform WVS tasks from a terminal or CMD window.

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Unity and Unreal plugins

The WVS Unity and Unreal plugins enable the WVS version control capabilities directly in the Unity or Unreal editors. You can create changelists, lock or check out files that you’re working on, and submit your work without leaving the editor.

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Next steps

Get started by creating an account and setting up your tools. Follow the steps on Prepare to use WVS.


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