WVS quick actions

Quick actions are text-based shortcuts for common actions that are usually done by selecting buttons or dropdowns in the WVS Web-App. You can enter these commands in the descriptions or comments of issues, epics, merge requests, and commits.

Be sure to enter each quick action on a separate line to allow WVS to properly detect and execute the commands.


Many quick actions require a parameter. For example, the /assign quick action requires a username. WVS uses autocomplete characters with quick actions to help users enter parameters, by providing a list of available values.

If you manually enter a parameter, it must be enclosed in double quotation marks ("), unless it contains only these characters:

  • ASCII letters
  • Numbers (0-9)
  • Underscore (_), hyphen (-), question mark (?), dot (.), ampersand (&) or at (@)

Parameters are case-sensitive. Autocomplete handles this, and the insertion of quotation marks, automatically.

Issues and merge requests

The following quick actions are applicable to descriptions, discussions, and threads. Some quick actions might not be available to all subscription tiers.

Command Issue Merge request Epic Action
/add_contacts [contact:email1@example.com] [contact:email2@example.com] Yes No No Add one or more CRM contacts.
/approve No Yes No Approve the merge request.
/assign @user1 @user2 Yes Yes No Assign one or more users.
/assign me Yes Yes No Assign yourself.
/assign_reviewer @user1 @user2 or /reviewer @user1 @user2 or /request_review @user1 @user2 No Yes No Assign one or more users as reviewers.
/assign_reviewer me or /reviewer me or /request_review me No Yes No Assign yourself as a reviewer.
/attention @user1 No Yes No Request attention to a merge request from a user.
/award :emoji: Yes Yes Yes Toggle emoji award.
/clone <path/to/project> [--with_notes] Yes No No Clone the issue to given project, or the current one if no arguments are given. Copies as much data as possible as long as the target project contains equivalent labels, milestones, and so on. Does not copy comments or system notes unless --with_notes is provided as an argument.
/close Yes Yes Yes Close.
/confidential Yes No No Make confidential.
/copy_metadata <!merge_request> Yes Yes No Copy labels and milestone from another merge request in the project.
/copy_metadata <#issue> Yes Yes No Copy labels and milestone from another issue in the project.
/create_merge_request <branch name> Yes No No Create a new merge request starting from the current issue.
/done Yes Yes Yes Mark to do as done.
/draft No Yes No Toggle the draft status.
/due <date> Yes No No Set due date. Examples of valid <date> include in 2 days, this Friday and December 31st.
/duplicate <#issue> Yes No No Close this issue and mark as a duplicate of another issue. Also, mark both as related.
/estimate <time> Yes Yes No Set time estimate. For example, /estimate 1mo 2w 3d 4h 5m. Learn more about time tracking.
/invite_email email1 email2 Yes No No Add up to six email participants. This action is behind feature flag issue_email_participants and is not yet supported in issue templates.
/label ~label1 ~label2 Yes Yes Yes Add one or more labels. Label names can also start without a tilde (~), but mixed syntax is not supported.
/lock Yes Yes No Lock the discussions.
/merge No Yes No Merge changes. Depending on the project setting, this may be when the pipeline succeeds, or adding to a Merge Train.
/milestone %milestone Yes Yes No Set milestone.
/move <path/to/project> Yes No No Move this issue to another project. Be careful when moving an issue to a project with different access rules. Before moving the issue, make sure it does not contain sensitive data.
/promote Yes No No Promote issue to epic.
/promote_to_incident Yes No No Promote issue to incident.
/page <policy name> Yes No No Start escalations for the incident.
/publish Yes No No Publish issue to an associated Status Page
/reassign @user1 @user2 Yes Yes No Replace current assignees with those specified.
/reassign_reviewer @user1 @user2 No Yes No Replace current reviewers with those specified.
/rebase No Yes No Rebase source branch. This schedules a background task that attempts to rebase the changes in the source branch on the latest commit of the target branch. If /rebase is used, /merge is ignored to avoid a race condition where the source branch is merged or deleted before it is rebased. If there are merge conflicts, WVS displays a message that a rebase cannot be scheduled. Rebase failures are displayed with the merge request status.
/relabel ~label1 ~label2 Yes Yes Yes Replace current labels with those specified.
/relate #issue1 #issue2 Yes No No Mark issues as related.
/remove_child_epic <epic> No No Yes Remove child epic from <epic>. The <epic> value should be in the format of &epic, group&epic, or a URL to an epic.
/remove_contacts [contact:email1@example.com] [contact:email2@example.com] Yes No No Remove one or more CRM contacts.
/remove_due_date Yes No No Remove due date.
/remove_estimate Yes Yes No Remove time estimate.
/remove_milestone Yes Yes No Remove milestone.
/remove_time_spent Yes Yes No Remove time spent.
/remove_zoom Yes No No Remove Zoom meeting from this issue.
/reopen Yes Yes Yes Reopen.
/severity <severity> Yes No No Set the severity. Options for <severity> are S1S4, critical, high, medium, low, unknown.
/shrug <comment> Yes Yes Yes Append the comment with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
/spend <time> [<date>] Yes Yes No Add or subtract spent time. Optionally, specify the date that time was spent on. For example, /spend 1mo 2w 3d 4h 5m 2018-08-26 or /spend -1h 30m. Learn more about time tracking.
/submit_review No Yes No Submit a pending review.
/subscribe Yes Yes Yes Subscribe to notifications.
/tableflip <comment> Yes Yes Yes Append the comment with (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.
/target_branch <local branch name> No Yes No Set target branch.
/title <new title> Yes Yes Yes Change title.
/todo Yes Yes Yes Add a to-do item.
/unapprove No Yes No Unapprove the merge request.
/unassign @user1 @user2 Yes Yes No Remove specific assignees.
/unassign No Yes No Remove all assignees.
/unassign_reviewer @user1 @user2 or /remove_reviewer @user1 @user2 No Yes No Remove specific reviewers.
/unassign_reviewer or /remove_reviewer No Yes No Remove all reviewers.
/unlabel ~label1 ~label2 or /remove_label ~label1 ~label2 Yes Yes Yes Remove specified labels.
/unlabel or /remove_label Yes Yes Yes Remove all labels.
/unlock Yes Yes No Unlock the discussions.
/unsubscribe Yes Yes Yes Unsubscribe from notifications.
/zoom <Zoom URL> Yes No No Add Zoom meeting to this issue.

Commit messages

The following quick actions are applicable for commit messages:

Command Action
/tag v1.2.3 <message> Tags the commit with an optional message.


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