Slack notifications service

The Slack notifications service enables your WVS project to send events (such as issue creation) to your existing Slack team as notifications. Setting up Slack notifications requires configuration changes for both Slack and WVS.

You can also use Slack slash commands to control WVS from Slack. Slash commands are configured separately.

Configure Slack

  1. Sign in to your Slack team and start a new Incoming WebHooks configuration.
  2. Identify the Slack channel where notifications should be sent to by default. Select Add Incoming WebHooks integration to add the configuration.
  3. Copy the Webhook URL to use later when you configure WVS.

Configure WVS

  1. On the top bar, select My Projects > View All Projects and find your project.
  2. On the left sidebar, select Project Settings > Integrations.
  3. Select Slack notifications.
  4. In the Enable integration section, select the Active checkbox.
  5. In the Trigger section, select the checkboxes for each type of WVS event to send to Slack as a notification. For a full list, see Triggers for Slack notifications. By default, messages are sent to the channel you configured during Slack configuration.
  6. Optional. To send messages to a different channel, multiple channels, or as a direct message:
    • To send messages to channels, enter the Slack channel names, separated by commas.
    • To send direct messages, use the Member ID found in the user’s Slack profile.
    Usernames and private channels are not supported.
  7. In Webhook, enter the webhook URL you copied in the Slack configuration step.
  8. Optional. In Username, enter the username of the Slack bot that sends the notifications.
  9. Select the Notify only broken pipelines checkbox to notify only on failures.
  10. In the Branches for which notifications are to be sent dropdown, select which types of branches to send notifications for.
  11. Leave the Labels to be notified field blank to get all notifications, or add labels that the issue or merge request must have to trigger a notification.
  12. Select Test settings to verify your information, and then select Save changes.

Your Slack team now starts receiving WVS event notifications as configured.

Triggers for Slack notifications

The following triggers are available for Slack notifications:

Trigger name Trigger event
Push A push to the repository.
Issue An issue is created, updated, or closed.
Confidential issue A confidential issue is created, updated, or closed.
Merge request A merge request is created, updated, or merged.
Note A comment is added.
Confidential note A confidential note is added.
Tag push A new tag is pushed to the repository.
Pipeline A pipeline status changed.
Wiki page A wiki page is created or updated.
Deployment A deployment starts or finishes.
Alert A new, unique alert is recorded.
Vulnerability A new, unique vulnerability is recorded.


If your Slack integration is not working, please contact us on discord or email.