Organize work with projects

In WVS, you can create projects to host your codebase. You can also use projects to track issues, plan work, collaborate on code, and continuously build, test, and use built-in CI/CD to deploy your app.

Projects can be available publicly, internally, or privately. WVS does not limit the number of private projects you can create.


Issues and merge requests:

WVS Flows

Other features:

  • Wiki: Document your WVS project in an integrated Wiki.
  • Snippets: Store, share and collaborate on code snippets.
  • Syntax highlighting: Customize your code blocks, overriding the default language choice.
  • Releases: Take a snapshot of the source, build output, metadata, and artifacts associated with a released version of your code.
  • Requirements: Create criteria to check your products against.

Project integrations

Integrate your project with Jira, Slack, and a lot more.

Import or export a project