Validate flow configurations

This page shows you how to validate the configurations of your project flows. While some flows require no configuration to work after they’ve been added to your project, others require that you configure certain values. For example, if you add a flow to deploy your builds to a service like TestFlight or Steam, you must provide your account information for that service in order for the flow to work.

Flows that have configuration issues, including missing or improper configurations, will fail to run. If the misconfigured flow has follower flows, the follower flows will also fail. This is why it’s important to check your flows for configuration issues before attempting to run them.

Check for flow configuration issues

To check whether any of the flows added to your project have any configuration issues, run the following command:

wvs flow validate

If there are any missing configurations, the command returns something like the following:

C:\wvsProjects\ue4-shootergame>wvs flow validate

Error: Variable `OUTPUT_NAME` is required in `zipBuild.json`
Error: Variable `INPUT1` is required in `zipBuild.json`
Flow instance validation failed


In this example, the zipBuild flow requires that we configure values for OUTPUT_NAME (the name for the output zip file created by the flow) and INPUT1 (the data that you want the flow to zip).

If all of your flows are properly configured, the command returns:

C:\wvsProjects\ue4-shootergame>wvs flow validate



Running the wvs flow validate command reports the configuration issues for all flows added to your project, including disabled flows. Disabled flows with configuration issues don’t impact your projects automation pipelines.

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