Prepare your project for cloud builds

Most teams have their own unique setup, requiring different third-party tools and plugins in order for teams to work efficiently.

Check-in plugins

The best solution to resolve errors in your automated builds is to check-in your third-party plugins into your project to avoid failures in your automated builds.

Options for Unreal Engine Users

There are two different ways to set up a plugin in Unreal Engine. If you have it installed through the editor, the plugin you setup
is not available for the team to use but only for you to use. If you have it set up in the project, you can share the plugin with the rest of your team.

Occasionally, you will find a plugin that you might like to try on your own, and you end up installing it in your engine. Here is an example of setting up a plugin directly in the editor. This is the path where you would find the plugins.

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_5.2\Engine\Plugins

If you want to setup the plugin for your entire team to use, you can set it up here directly in the project:


For users installing plugins in the editor for individual use, you may encounter problems running automated builds. When building your project, an error might occur since it expects the plugins to be available in the editor.

We provide a simple solution to help with these errors. All of the WVS-provided UE builds have a way of disabling the plugins
it starts building in the cloud.

First, you want to inspect your flow instance:

wvs flow inspect <yourFlowInstanceName>

The output should show you information about your flow, providing details on the OS, engine, version, and variables you can set. For this, we are looking for the variable DISABLE_PLUGIN_LIST.

To get the list of plugins you are running, open your local project and right-click on your .uproject file in the root directory
of your project and open it with Notepad.

Example: Cropout.uproject

The file should look similar to this:

    "FileVersion": 3,
    "EngineAssociation": "5.2",
    "Category": "Samples",
    "Description": "",
    "Plugins": [
            "Name": "GeometryScripting",
            "Enabled": true
            "Name": "Paper2D",
            "Enabled": false
    "TargetPlatforms": [
    "EpicSampleNameHash": "0000000000"

Grab the name as it appears in your list, and if you want to disable several plugins from the list, you would separate them with a :
Here is the command:

wvs flow set variable MyWindowsBuild DISABLE_PLUGIN_LIST GeometryScripting:Paper2D
For additional information on the wvs flow set command, you can run wvs flow set --help

After making all the necessary changes to your flows and project, you can submit your changes.

wvs changelist finish

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