Android Keystore in Android Studio

An Android keystore lets you store cryptographic key entries for security. Android Keystore can be used to sign your apk, sign data, store certificates, and a variety of other needs.

To release your app to a marketplace, you will need to setup the keystore. All updates to the same app will require the same key used to setup. This provides a level of security and prevents others from accessing your app without permission.


There are a couple of methods of setting up.
For Unity users, check out our docs on setting up in Unity.
If you’re an Unreal Engine user, check out our docs on setting up in Unreal.

You can also setup the keystore in Android Studio.

To generate, open up Android Studio:

  1. From the top-bar, locate Build > Generate Signed Bundle/APK.
  2. In the Generate Signed Bundle or APK box, select Android App Bundle or APK and select Next.

  3. Click the Create New button below the Key store path field.
  4. In the New Key Store window, the following information is availabe to fill in.

Name Description Example
Key store path Location where keystore should be created. Note: You can also add your filename here before the .jks extension c:\keystore\example-keystore.jks
Password Create and confirm your password for your keystore test@123
Alias Enter a name for your Keystore that will help identify your file NewUpload
Password Create and Confirm a password for your key. Note: This is the same as the password set above test@123
Validity(years) Set the length of time you would like your key to be valid. Your key should be valid for at least 25 years, this will be the same key you use to update your app in the future 25
Certificate Enter information about yourself and your company Note: This information will not be displayed in your app. First and Last Name - Blake Young
Organization Unit - Mobile
Organization - Wevr
City or Locality - Los Angeles
State or Province - Ca
Country Code - US
  1. Click OK to continue
For more information on Android Keystore System, read the Android Documentation


For additional support, please reach out to us on our Discord.

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