Downloads and release notes

Get the latest version of the WVS Clients and plugins.

WVS Clients

Downloads and release notes for the WVS Desktop and Command Line clients.

Coming Soon Mac Support

WVS Client Version Release date Downloads and release notes
1.2.118 04-19-2023
1.2.103 03-16-2023
1.2.101 02-22-2023
1.2.99 02-17-2023
1.2.97 02-10-2023
1.0.91 01-25-2023

Looking for an older version? Our older builds can be found in our Archived Release page.

WVS Unreal Engine Plugin

Downloads and release notes for the WVS Unreal Engine plugin

Coming Soon Unreal Engine 5.2 Plugin

The WVS Unreal Plugin is only available for Unreal Engine 5.1+
Plugin Version Release date Platform Download and release notes
1.0.35 04-19-2023 Windows
1.0.18 03-17-2023 Windows
1.0.17 03-16-2023 Windows
1.0.14 02-23-2023 Windows
1.0.13 02-22-2023 Windows

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