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Wevr Virtual Studio (WVS) is a platform for interactive creators to easily make, collaborate, and share projects. Think GitHub for Interactive Creators. WVS is a cloud-based service. Your project data is stored safely in the cloud and synced locally on your computer.

You interact with your projects on WVS in three ways:

  • WVS Web App: With the web interface, you can collaborate with others, view the history of your projects, and you can also explore public projects that other creators have shared.
  • WVS Desktop Client: This is an easy-to-use interface to manage changes in your project. Download the WVS Desktop Client now.
    Whether you’re using Unreal, Unity, or tools like Maya, this lets you to easily:
    • make local changes
    • sync local changes safely
    • protect team members from stepping on each other’s work
  • WVS Command-Line Interface (CLI): This interface is for engineers and more technical users familiar with version control software and may prefer to type commands directly.

Next Steps

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  • Discover How to work with WVS Projects
  • Create a new project from scratch
  • Fork an existing project
  • Clone an existing project
  • Import your project


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