Return to a previous state with the WVS Command Line tool

If you’re using the WVS command line tool, you can still undo changes of your local files. If you’re working locally and have not ‘finished’ your changelist, you can revert individual files with a few simple steps.

Before you go back in time, quit editors or applications using files.

First, let’s check the status of your project. This will show you whether your files are in a changelist or unmanaged, and, more importantly, this will allow you to view the list of changed files.

wvs project status

This will show you the list of changes you have. Whether they are in an open changelists, or listed under ‘Unmanaged files’, you can now revert them with the following command.

As a precaution, before you revert, close clients or editors. (note: it is easiest to copy the file information that is listed in the results)

wvs file revert <copiedFile>

This should give you an ‘OK’ output. If you see an error, double-check your command. To get more information on revert, try the help flag.

`wvs file revert --help`

To confirm, run the wvs project status command again to see the list of changed files.

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