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What is a project in the world of WVS?

Your project is where you will organize and store all of your data. It’s also where you will access a lot of important information such as Flows, Project History, and more!

How to Start a New Project in WVS

There are a few different ways to start a new project in WVS.

You can start a new blank project from the web. This is the reccomended way to start a brand new project. WVS providers a number of starting poins, whether you’re working in Unreal, Unity, or want a generic interactive template.

You can also Import an existing project. We provide two ways for users to do this. You can import an existing git project from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. Or you can import any local project from your file system.

Another option we provide is to Bridge your existing project over from GitHub, GitLab, Perforce, or Plastic. This method allows you to continue to use your current setup and still leverage WVS for Automated builds.

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