Explore Public Projects

NOTE: Only done via the WVS Web App.

Explore all the public projects that exist through the WVS Web App.

  1. First, you need a WVS Account.
  2. Go to WVS Sign-In Page.
  3. Sign in to WVS.
  4. Go to Explore WVS Projects Page.
  5. Browse all these public projects.
  6. Click on a project name to discover more.

Here are some things you can do on a project’s page:

  • View a summary of all the commits, branches, tags, size of files, and storage size of files. Click any item for more info.
  • Click the bell to change notification settings for the project. There are 6 options:
    • Global
    • Watch
    • Participate
    • On mention
    • Disabled
    • Custom
  • Fork Project: Create a copy of a project that won’t affect the original.

Following the Quick Start Guide?

If you found a public project you like, then learn how to Fork the Project and continue through the Quick Start Guide: