Create Project in Desktop Client

  1. Sign in to the WVS Desktop Client.
  2. Click New Project on the left sidebar to create a project. Choosing any option will highlight it in purple. There are several options, including:
    • Blank. Empty project.
    • Blank Flows. Template with bare necessities to work with WVS Flows.
    • UE4 Game FirstPerson Desktop. A template for creating an Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) first-person game.
    • Unreal Rendering example. A template for a UE4 project that demonstrates automated rendering flows.
    • Import. Template with bare necessities to work with WVS when importing an existing project.
  3. Once your chosen template is highlighted, click CHOOSE PROJECT TYPE.
  4. You are taken to the Create Project screen with the following fields:
    • Template. Your choice is shown here.
    • Project name. Name your project anything you like.
    • Description. Describe your project.
    • Destination Folder: Click the Folder Icon to choose a folder on your computer.

The project is created, saved to your folder, and saved to the WVS Cloud.

We highly recommend using the WVS Desktop Client, but creating a project in the WVS Web App is possible. Go here for more info: Create Project in WVS Web App.

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