Clone Project in Desktop Client

What is cloning?

Cloning a project to your computer is a special way of copying a WVS project stored on the WVS Cloud to your local computer. Cloning that project makes it one of the projects in the My Projects section of the WVS Desktop Client. You can now create a changelist for the project, modify it, and push the changes back to the WVS Cloud.

How to clone a project in the WVS Desktop Client

  1. Click Remote Projects in the left sidebar.
  2. Find the remote project to clone to your computer. There will be several pages to scroll through.
  3. Click the desired remote project. Its box will glow with a purple outline indicating its selection. The CLONE PROJECT button will become purple with white text.
  5. Click anywhere in the box below Destination Folder with the purple folder icon on the right to choose a destination folder for your copy of the remote project.
  6. Choose the folder to place the local copy of the project. The project will automatically be created in a folder with the project name under this folder path. WVS-DC will show you both the Destination Folder and the Project Path selected.
  7. Click CLONE PROJECT. A message will appear while cloning: Cloning "Project Name"...
  8. You are taken back to the Remote Projects screen when the cloning is done.
  9. Click My Projects on the left sidebar and confirm that remote project is now listed among your locally cloned projects. Newly cloned projects appear at the bottom of the list.

Congrats! You have cloned a project. Now you can work with it from your desktop.

Next steps