Use Current Changelist

Do all the following with a changelist:

Modify Files

  • Modify files in the changelist. Go to your computer’s WVS project folder and start editing those files in the tool of your choice. Any changes will appear in the Files Modified section within the Modified Files box.

Add New Files

  • Add new files to the changelist. Any new files (not recognized as temporary files) get automatically added to the changelist in the Files Added section. You can manually add files to the WVS project folder location you chose when you brought the project to your computer. They will then show up in the changelist.

Delete Files

  • Delete files from your WVS project folder. These files will appear in the Files Deleted section. These files will be deleted from the project when you commit the changelist.

  • As you make changes, it’s a best practice to add notes to the Changelist Notes section.

Temporary Issue: To refresh the changes shown on the Current Changelist page, click All Projects on the sidebar, then click back to Current Changelist. We are working to auto-refresh this page, so these extra clicks aren’t needed.

All these folder and file changes only become permanent and change the project in the WVS Cloud if their checkboxes are selected, and you click COMMIT CHANGELIST. Uncheck any checkbox beside a folder or file to leave them out of the changelist.

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