Create Changelist

WVS Desktop Client is the only place you can access changelists.

Creating a changelist is checking out all the files you want to improve. Changelists prevent all sorts of problems from simultaneously editing the same file. Think of it as a shopping cart of all the stuff you want to edit.

Here is how to create a changelist:

Creating a Changelist (via WVS Desktop Client)

  1. Launch the WVS Desktop Client.
  2. Ensure the project you want to create a changelist is part of My Projects. If not, Clone the Project
  3. Ensure the project is the active project. Its name will appear in the top left if so.
    1. If not, click the project within My Projects.
    2. Click SWITCH PROJECT.
  4. Click New Changelist on the left sidebar. If it is grayed out, you have a Current Changelist you need to deal with first. Review and Commit that changelist.

Next step: