Commit Changelist

The WVS Desktop Client is the only place you can access changelists.

Committing a changelist sends all your changes to a shared project. Changelists include files you modified, deleted, and added. You have to check out those files beforehand.

Checking out files prevents problems when people simultaneously edit the same file.

Here is how to commit a changelist:

Commit Changelist (via WVS Desktop Client)

  1. Launch the WVS Desktop Client
  2. Ensure the changelist is in the active project. The active project’s name appears in the top left.
    1. Find the project within My Projects and click it if it isn’t the active project.
    2. Click SWITCH PROJECT.
  3. Click Commit Changelist on the left sidebar.

You’ll get a message that the changelist was merged successfully or had an issue that prevented it.

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