Checking Out/In Work with Changelists

Changelists are how Wevr Virtual Studio (WVS) projects get built and improved. They are how you check out and check in work.

The WVS Desktop Client is the only place you can access changelists.

Here are the three stages of a changelist:

  1. Create Changelist: Get your changelist started.
  2. Use Current Changelist: Add, delete, and modify files in your project.
  3. Commit Changelist: Check in (aka "push") all your file additions, deletions, and modifications to the project stored in the WVS Cloud.

More info

Changelists are how projects evolve. A project’s repository needs to track and manage all file changes, additions, and deletions. Files must be checked out so two or more people don’t work on the same files simultaneously. Terrible things like merge conflicts can result and derail a project.