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WVS Client Version 1.2.91

Release date: 1/25/2023

What’s New

Before clicking that download button, find out what’s new!

This release adds some new features to the WVS CLI and addresses minor bugs in both the WVS Desktop Client and CLI.

You can now use the WVS CLI independently, which means you longer have to authenticate in the Desktop Client in order for the CLI to work. But if you’re a fan of using both clients at the same time, starting and committing a changelist in the CLI now mirrors the Desktop client and vice versa. Now you can work in the WVS Desktop Client and have the option to switch to the CLI seamlessly.

We’ve also done some work to clean up Branch switching in the Desktop Client.

In the CLI, we’ve added new features to address projects and flows that were not configured properly to work in WVS ( Use the CLI help feature to find out how ). The CLI has improved the way errors and exit codes were reported and minor updates to allow better functionality with supported plugins.

Find a more robust grab (aka locking) and release (aka unlocking) in the WVS Desktop Client and CLI. The full list of changes can be found below.

Fixes in this Release - WVS Desktop Client

  • The Desktop Client does not show more than 20 branches in the dropdown
  • After forking and cloning a project, config file malformed error is seen
  • Desktop client to recognize a changelist that gets started via the CLI
  • WVS Icon cleanup
  • Desktop app to refresh the branch when the CLI changes the pushBranch.

Fixes in this Release - WVS CLI

  • Updates to grab command
  • Release command locks files
  • WVS cl cancel in subdirectory fails
  • Clean up errors in the CLI
  • wvs pr status command does not show you changes if you don’t have a CL
  • Marks the plugin as a changed file
  • WVS cl cancel leaves you on stage branch when done
  • CLI does not properly quote files, leaving file paths unrecognizable
  • Grabbing and locking files in subfolder doesn’t detect users are in a changelist
  • wvs pr create doesn’t properly authenticate
  • wvs project clone shows authentication error
  • wvs validate locks is not authenticated
  • wvs goto settings is not authenticated
  • wvs project import is failing because it is not authenticating correctly
  • CLI is not authenticating and sends users to the settings page.
  • wvs pr pull – error Repo operation failed
  • wvs cl finish –help returns an error
  • Add .gitignore to .wvs_workspace if necessary
  • Set the username and email for CLI ‘Import’ command
  • Do not check in the .json file every time we push a commit
  • Cleaned up errors and exit codes
  • switching branch in a different client is not detected in the CLI
  • CLI creates .wvs_workspace directory where it should not

Known Bugs

  • .gitignore and .gitattribute files are not showing in the modified list in the GUI
  • Switching Branches With Files Open Causes Problems


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